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Door Furniture


Stylish Door Handles is the leading online store where customers can find a wide selection of Door Furniture products such as Keyhole Covers/Escutcheons, Door Stops, Hooks, Bathroom Thumb Turns, Door Closers, Vents and Push Plates. These products would enable you to decorate your front doors to create an eye-catching look. Our beautifully designed door furniture is manufactured by top UK manufacturers and are available in great finishes like Brass, Chrome, Polished, Satin and many other popular finishes.

Door furniture can add elegance and beauty to your home or office. Doors are a necessity for every room so are the things that come along with it, in short its furniture. The items that are part of ‘door furniture' are such as key hole covers, door stops, hooks, push plates, vents, door closers and bathroom thumb turns and escutcheons etc.

By using quality furniture offered by us you can beautify your home or bring elegance to your office at very low prices.

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