Stylish Door Handles


  • Euro Profile Scroll Lever on Narrow Plate 92mm M140NP92CP in Polished Chrome


    Contemporary Narrow Plate with Scroll Lever in 92mm Lock Centres M140NP92CP in Polished Chrome finish. Fashionable, traditional scroll lever, It…

  • Queen Anne Rim Knob 61mm M1001RSC Satin Chrome


    Traditional Queen Anne Mortice Knob M1001RSC in Satin Chrome finish. A classical Rim knobdesign that compliments both modern andTraditional environments.…

  • Evia Lever on Round Rose EV5CP Polished Chrome


    Designer Lever on Round Rose EV5CP in Polished Chrome finish.

  • Steelworx Solid Straight Handle on Rose SW17SSS Satin Stainless Steel


    Contemporary Steelworx 316 Lever on Round Rose SW17SSS in Satin Stainless Steel finish.

  • Archchitectural Cover 60mmed Escutcheon/Keyhole Cover 60mm AQ45PB Polished Brass


    Traditional Pear Drop Covered Escutcheon AQ45PB in Polished Brass finish.